Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hi. I'm not updating this blog any longer.... but you should check out

Saturday, April 21, 2012

iomega part 2

OK Update time: I got a call from Iomega head office, Ryan was his name. Very nice person, totally understood what I was going through, and was definitely trying to be helpful. I really appreciated his call, and I told him multiple times of that, and as promised, I said I would update this thread and thank him publicly. He even offered a replacement unit of the frankenstein version that I've got. He wasn't sure why it's grey, fair enough. In my quick search, it seemed like all the non-CE version was this darkish grey colour that I took a picture of earlier. I actually declined his offer initially, because hey, if the replacement unit I have worked as advertised, let's not fix what's no longer broken, correct? Well, unfortunately I checked my 2.7 GB torrent, and guess what? Same problem. Maybe it's a firmware, maybe it's HW. I really don't know anymore. Ryan, I guess I'll take up your offer and get one more replacement. Smile

Thursday, April 19, 2012

no more iomega for me, thanks

My Iomega Ix2-200 Cloud Edition NAS started to fail .torrent downloads. Some would finish, some wouldn't. It is not a problem with my network configuration, nor the .torrent itself, as a PC running uTorrent (both mac and windows 7 just to be thorough) worked fine. I can download ubuntu to completion.

The NAS would start the D/L, but invariably fail. A reset (cycle power, push reset for 30 seconds, or doing a 30/30/30) will always get the torrent engine to start downloading, and if the file is small, then it completes, however, if a file is bigger, it seems like there's a ~ 1 hour window, then it will always fail. In the torrent manager, clicking pause or trash will just make the manager say "Porcessing" and spin endlessly. Checked with IE9, Firefox for both Mac and PC, and safari. So it's not a browser error.

Anyway, after about a week of working with support, one technician responded basically saying, "the device works, torrent failing is not our problem b/c the software is 3rd party open source, too bad." They wouldn't even transfer me to a higher tech support person.

Which is quite unacceptable, no matter what their policy is.... I transferred instead to sales, and after a 5 minute call, got an email w/ a level 3 Tech, and I just want to say: Micah, you were VERY helpful, and I really appreciate your help!

OK, we spent 2 days debugging, and I finally uploaded my logs to him. After going through it, he identified that various services were crashing, and decided an RMA was in order. Thanks again!

So the RMA process. Also quite comical.

You get 2 choices:

1. Either you ship the device back to them on your own nickel, and upon receiving the device, they will evaluate and then ship another unit over

2. Pay $50 "expedient" fee, they ship a unit over, and they give me a shipping label to send the broken back.

Sorry to say, $50 is 1/6 of a cost of a new one (Amazon list it as $285 currently).

Now being from Canada, shipping it costs me $60 CAD, so I opted for option 2.

Good news:
Iomega shipped a replacement overnight! I RMAed it ~11am EST, and when I arrived at my door step next day @ 2:30pm EST, the package was on my porch. Kudos for speedy delivery.

Bad news:
They shipped me a refurbed product, something they didn't mention when got an RMA, and even more funny, after digging a bit, I have an IX2-200 CE internal with an IX2-200 non-CE shell. It's very grey.

Whether you think this is right or not is up to you. Personally, there are people in Iomega I would hire for my company in a heartbeat, but the overall experience hasn't been stellar, and quite frankly, replacing a defective product with the consumer's cash, only to send a refurbished "frankenstein" product is unsatisfactory!! It gives me no assurance that 6 months down the road, my NAS will again give me problems, and I'll have to spend another $50 to get another RMA, that's if they even allow me to claim it.

I have both NAS right now:

Thursday, January 19, 2012

dog lover, me? no

Yes, I own a dog. Do I like having a dog? Most days.

Am I a dog lover? Well, sorta.

I'm not one of those dog owners that can't the difference between an "it" and a child. I'm not a fan of people who treat their dogs like little babies, because at the end of the day, a baby will grown up and learn to be an adult, a dog doesn't ever really grow up.

I have neighbours that seem to like me more when they didn't realize I had a dog, but as soon as they see me with one, the next day they seem less friendly.

And that's fine. I get it. Not everyone likes dogs. Some people prefer cats, I like cats too. Just wouldn't want to own one, especially since I'm allergic to them.

By the by, I no longer have "Mooch", I now have Velcro. Aka Velcrotronic, Velcronic, Velcro-bum, Velly, Vel, dumb dog, so-coot, treebeard, fluffy-butt, curly, and probably half a dozen nicknames I forget.

Tell me though, how can you not love this?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

late, but still happy

Happy New Years, everyone.

Haven't updated at all, I know. Bad, right?

Just need to vent though, silly, silly Apple laptop and it's handling of mail.

I've associated a gmail account to its mail service, and I would say 90% of the time, it works well, the one time where I really need it to come through for me, it lets me down.

I needed to find a particular PDF. I find the email associated with this document, but cannot for the life of me find this doc. I used both my Crac-book Pro and my iPwn to look for this email, and it's gone.

I finally decided to use Gmail from a browser, and what do you know? That's where I found my PDF!

I guess Apple hasn't thought of everything. Rats.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


So I got 2 and a half days out of my iPhone before needing to charge. Secrets to my success? Read on.

First, captain obvious - don't use the phone. Seriously, do very light surfing, and don't play games.

Second, turn off both 3G and WIFI radios until such time as you need it. Edge is good enough for emails, and online chat - Meebo.

Third and finally, turn it off at night. Again, pretty simple.

Point is this, as long as you don't treat the phone as a gaming device, WIFI access point, or an alarm clock, the battery life on it is pretty good. Actually, this 2+1/2 day stretch did involve me going on the internet and reading iBooks - I just did it somewhat sparingly - but I wasn't trying to save batteries. I was just too busy with life to look at my phone much.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

the starbucks effect

Whether you like it or not, the Starbucks effect is real.

I've been visiting a lot of different starducks lately. Most of them are joined with Chapters, a Canadian big box bookstore.

Invariably, I would say 60-65% of people are using Mac books of some sort.

No, not Hackbooks like the one I'm trying to create, but actual overpriced apple laptops. What's scary is that they're being used by kids half my age - kids sure are spoiled these days.

....As I type from a Macbook Pro.