Tuesday, March 24, 2009

For the month of April

I have to admit, I enjoy the process of making desktop wallpapers with a little calendar stuck somewhere in the photos. (See left for examples).

It usually first starts off with me approaching the subject with shooting a wallpaper in mind. I think of how my Windows XP icons/start bars are situated, and I take care to compose my photo in such a way that the OS doesn't obstruct the subject.

Of course, having never owned a Mac because I think they are overpriced, and I'm not an avant garde digital media publisher such that I can justify spending the premium.

I've never once checked just how the juxtaposition of the various elements of the Mac desktop affects the look of my wallpapers, if there's a kind soul out there that can load my wallpaper on their Mac OS, kindly let me know how it looks. Thanks.


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