Monday, March 30, 2009

Make that blog sticky

I think from a photographic standpoint, weddings are arguably one of the hardest jobs to do well. Granted, putting your life on the line as a war photographer is definitely more dangerous, but I like to think that being a wedding photographer is just as anxiety laden.

A wedding happens because there's love - a man is willing to propse, and the woman accepts. A torrent of emotions occur. They plan, spend, and spend some more, arriving finally on the big day. The only person that can mess up their meticulous planning is the photographer.

Everyone always want to be remembered as the dream couple. People are willing to spend the money betting that the end result will be fantastic. It is our responsibility (the wedding photography industry) to make sure that happens, even if statistically speaking it can't 100% be guaranteed, we defy those odds.

Point is, wedding photography is a stressful job, because we only get one try. Anyone who's done it will tell you it isn't all champagne and caviar. I've had people who refused to smile. Clients ask for impossible shots. Guests who won't pose. Location shoots where I feel won't work. I've climbed trees, hiked up infinite flights of stairs, shot around hail in the summer, shot driving while leaned out, one hand on the wheel, the other clutching a camera that didn't have straps, barely driving straight. I've worn a white shirt lying in grass, pavement, dirt, and mud. I've twisted every which way, contorted in forms like a contestant on "America's got Talent". All this for you, my client, my friends, my passion.

When I finally deliver a great series of photographs to them, the smiles on their faces makes it all worth it. I've never done it for the money, and I still don't. As cliche as this sounds, being able to participate in what is probably one of the happiest day of their lives is all the thanks I need. It is my mantra.

But hey, I need to pay the bills too.


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