Thursday, May 21, 2009

Everybody go boom boom meow

No matter how many cute kitten videos I watch, they are still somewhat creepy.

Last night was the first really warm night I've had in the house, so as such, I left my sliding door open to get a bit of the breeze.

There were a bunch of June bugs that kept crashing into the screen mesh for most of the time that I was sitting near it. I'd hear it go buzz, buzz, smack. Ad nauseam.

From time to time I'd play with it. I'd wait until it was crawling on the mesh, and I'd flick it with my finger as hard as I could. They'd fly back and land, stunned. One fell on its back and I'd watch it comically struggle for over a minute trying to right itself before a running shoe put it out of its misery. I find a perverse glee in hearing them *pop* from being squashed.

Anyway, after maybe the fourth one killed I just let it do its thing. It wasn't getting in anyhow.

At about 2:30am, I notice that it had stopped crashing into my screen door. I heard a scraping/crunching sound, I thought that the thing was trying to squeeze through a crack or something.

I turn to look and I jumped back in my seat. 2 eyes are staring back at me, from about ankle height. It stares at me, for the longest time. I can't comprehend it at first, but finally, I recognize that it was a cute little kitten with saucer-eyes.

And that scraping/crunching noise? Yeah, it was eating the bug.

I can never love cats again. Never!


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