Saturday, May 2, 2009

Why didn't I pay attention to drafting in high school??

I have a closet in my bedroom that spans 48 inches wide. Previously two bi-folding doors guarded the entrance way. I personally hate bi-folds. Nothing screams your parents' old digs like a set of wood coloured bi-folding doors with wood slats.

I've been wanting to design and build my own sliding doors for about 2 years now, but have not had the gumption nor intelligence to really accomplish that feat. Plus I'm not very handy.

However in a fit of inspiration and motivation, I went to my local big box hardware store to look around and see what I could come up with.

Note, I don't have all the measurements yet. That will have to be meticulously measured out before assembling. One thing for sure, I have sourced out most of the parts needed to build what I drew tonight on MSPaint.

sliding closet door track system

Am I missing anything important? It appears that it should work. About the only thing I am unsure of is load bearing. I know I will have to anchor the bolts of the track to wall studs. Which may be a pain, because it may even require that I knock down a bit of the wall to add additional horizontal 2x4s as anchor support. I have to ask a contractor friend if that's the right thing to do.

I also realize that I may have to put spacers between the wheel and the metal plates that attach to the door itself, in case the wheel/wheel bearing I pick does not have the proper width. That didn't show up well in the drawing.

If anyone has ideas on how I can get this dream realized, or you're in the Toronto area and want to help (I promise beer and pizza). Well drop me a line: moochphoto(AT) (I'm sure you can figure it out)


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