Tuesday, June 23, 2009

discombobulated. full stop

Tonight was one of the first nights where I could sort of justify turning on the air conditioning.

I mean it was hot, but not hot, hot. Being cheap, I've never had the luxury of air conditioning in my own house until this year. Having said that, I've not turned it on once, until tonight. I did so merely to test that the machine would work.

The house was showing 27° Celsius. I switched the thermostat from Off to Cool and overrode the programming to 25°C.

2 hours later, I wake up and according to the thermostat readout the house had only dropped 1+1/2° - from 27 to 25.5. A littler perplexed, I assumed this was normal as it was the first time I've turned on the A/C unit. I figure that it had to "expel" the hot air in the house first. So I lowered the temperature target to 23°.

4 hours later (4am), I wake up once more to check the state of the house, because my room was feeling a little hot. To my dismay, the temperature in the house was still 25°. This can't be right, right?

I'm pretty upset. I knew I should have bought a 14 seer A/C unit. The bigger the unit, the faster it'll cool. I wanted the 2+1/2 ton unit at 14 seer, but the sales guy talked me out of it, steering me to a 2 ton at 13 seer machine.

Getting a little frustrated because I'm hot and my allergies are killing me, I walk around the house to check the condition of all the vents. They were all expelling pretty cool air. I check the basement to make sure all the vent holes were closed (they were), but since I didn't seal it, there were a bit of leakage here and there.

Still not understanding, I mentally check once again what could be wrong. Did I remove the cover from the A/C unit on the outside? Yes. Did I enable the "cool" setting on the thermostat? Yep. Was the fan on? Yup.

Then it hits me. I didn't turn on the A/C power from the electrical panel.

Duh! And yes, it is a nice frosty 23°C in my house now.


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