Monday, June 15, 2009

some things are better left untouched

I'm at the final push of finishing my backyard.

Everything else is done except for the grass. But after calculating all the costs, here's what I found out (All prices in Canadian may/not include tax):

4 cubic yard of soil = $225 dumped on my driveway
sod to cover ~1200 sq ft = $376
tiller rental for 1 day = $80
truck rental to move tiller = $40
feed friends for lunch and dinner = $100 (pizza, take-out, beer)
roller to flatten grass once laid = $10

A grand total of $831+ taxes. This does not take into account that I can till my ground all in one day. Tilling also requires that I rake out the rocks/weed that may be contained within soil.

I found a guy who'll do it for $950, tax-in.

I think I'll let the pros handle it for once.


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