Wednesday, July 8, 2009

thought behind the idea

Why do people insist on parking beside me? I get this all the time. I try to park in places where there aren't many cars and yet, people invariably want to be right next to me. I simply don't understand.

Chevrolet Impala Honda S2000

Like, seriously. Really? I couldn't actually get into my car, so I had to go from my passenger side, climb over the center console (which is pretty big in the S - look it up), and then finally into the driver seat, without scuffing up the interior. Tougher than you think.

This is from today when I went to buy tiles for the bathroom ceiling. There are literally tens of spaces all around. I'm not even that close to the entrance. I was there first, and with all these spaces everywhere, guess where he decided to park?

I happen to adore my S. I know, it's only a car. But it's mine. I prefer it ding/scratch free. Thanks much.


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