Friday, October 16, 2009


I abhor anyone who wears bluetooth headsets. Do you really need to stay that connected? They are so silly looking.

However, with the imminent hands-free driving law coming into effect for Ontarions, choices are limited. It's either I get a bluetooth speaker system for my car, use my existing wired earphone/mic that came with the device, get a BT headset, or choice four - risk getting a $500 ticket for holding the phone to talk.

I chose option 3, surprisingly. I would use the wired mic/headphone, but it's inconvenient to carry it around, having to de-tangle it each time I get in the car. The winter cold will snap the wires if I leave it in the car.

Future Slop had a BT headset by Nokia on sale for $24.99. has a $10 mail-in rebate form.

Not bad, but Best Fry also price matches plus 10% of the difference. I drove over to purchase the device and got an additional $.80 off. Bonus!

nokia bluetooth headset


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