Monday, October 19, 2009

do thieves suck?

Yes they do.

We left the Yaris' door unlocked for the night. Next morning, a neigbourhood unfriendly searched through the glove box and took 3 sunglass cases, and possibly other useless junk. They even took the photograph of The Twins posing with the Sealy mattress sheep mascot. The logic defies me.

Chances are however, is that they are reading my blog. They may have taken one of my business cards. A female called me at 10pm on a Sunday night and first asked about my photography services, and then called back later to make innuendos about "taking advantage of me." I really have no idea what that means - I am secure in my childhood naivety. HA!

Well it was amusing, I wasn't on my "A" game so I couldn't jest with her as much as I like. Hey stranger-girl, if you're reading this. "Hi!"

Granted my phone # is listed on my site, and I expect an occasional crank call, but this was a little too coincidental.

Thieves, just skip over to a richer neighbourhood next time. People don't leave a lot of $ in their cars - they don't call it "Scarlem" without reason. I mean,if you're going to risk getting caught, at least go to jail because you robbed a bank. Sheesh. Aim high!


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