Monday, October 26, 2009

HDTV or bust

Okay, so I canceled basic cable last month, and wouldn't you know it, I miss live TV. Groan.

I borrowed Smelly's indoor antenna, and after playing with it for about 3 minutes, I got a bunch of hi-def HDTV signals.

Even commercials look good.

I drove out and bought myself a good UHF antenna. Good being relative - I bought (nerd alert!) a Channel Master 4228HD knockoff, it was $20 cheaper.

I climbed up the roof yesterday afternoon, and tried to install it myself. I got to 1+1/2 story high and then, well I chickened out.

I looked at the way my antenna tower was constructed - it was built in sections, with bolts holding it together.

I removed the highest bolts, but the detatched column plus the mast with the old gigantic VHF antenna would still be guesstimated at 9-10 ft high. I thought about various different ways I can lower it, but none of them would guarantee it to not fall on me, neighbour's roof, or swinging back on itself and breaking my washroom window.

So I didn't go through with my stupid plans - because let's face it, dragging a mattress up onto the roof top might not be easy either, and there's still a good chance the falling mast could puncture the roof.

Long story short, I found a guy who will climb up to the top (I would climb up myself, but I don't have a safety harness, and tying my belt to the tower via rope might not be the smart either). He will crawl through the attic, drill a hole to the garage, drop the cable, drill a hole from the bottom of my wall and feed it back into the house that way.

All for $100. Not bad.


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