Tuesday, October 27, 2009

seek not happiness too greedily

This is about the best quote I've seen from Jeremy Clarkson in quite a while:

"....But saving money is never joyful. It is mean-spirited and demonstrates that you have a heart of coal. If you wish to lead a joyous life, you should always spend 10% more than you earn."

I'm driving the Yaris to work full time. I'm pulse&gliding everywhere I go. I'm staring off far in the distance as a hawk would a running field mouse - trying to gauge traffic so I don't have to tap the brakes, robbing my coasting inertia. I'm packing lunch, even on Fridays. I'm making tea at the lunchroom with tepid and foul hot water.

And for what? To save a buck? To save something I can't spend when I die.

Well, at least I have my health and a buck, in my bank.


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