Thursday, November 19, 2009

bubbles, lots and lots of bubbles

canon d10 underwater camera

I really enjoy being in the water, and that's weird, considering I can barely swim.

I'm also confusing my French and Mandarin. For some reason, I can remember a bunch of French words, but then in my head, I'm supplementing the rest of the phrase with the 4-5 words of Mandarin that I know. I hear that is common when people learn more than one language.

I regret not learning French in high school now. Everyone here speaks it, and while most of the tourist shop keepers do speak English, and even some local people at least understand a bit of it, it's not a practical way to get by.

We have been buying a lot of groceries to cook for ourselves. I much prefer trying to live like locals than to just hit up expensive restaurants for the sake of the experience.

We have also been eating a lot of local market foods. They are prepackaged, sold in stalls, and generally a cheap yet really neat way to experience again, what the locals might eat when they're not cooking at home.

This is a friendly town, most people we've met have been very nice. It feels more poor than say, Hawaii.

And I think that's the crux of it. Tahiti is the poor man's Hawaii, in French. Maybe that's why it doesn't feel as "touristy" as I would have imagined. We've hung out in downtown for the last several days taking the local buses, which is fine - except the bus stops running at 5pm. Each trip per person is $200 XPF (local francs). We could take a taxi after 5pm, but that costs $2500 xpf, and after 8pm, it's $3500 xpf to get home. Quite a lot of money, considering $10000 xpf is $112-120 US.

We'll be renting a car then at $9750 xpf a day, but that's for Friday.

Today though, we'll be going on a jet ski to check out the aquarium and harbour. We wanted to "meet" the dolphins, but unfortunately, it's not available.

It also feels like it'll rain today, so jet skiing in the rain will be extra fun.


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