Monday, November 2, 2009

eric, 1; maytag wall oven, 0

Did you hear the one about the wall oven that turns on by itself? Yeah, it was hot.

Okay, I fail at jokes, but I win in terms of service.

About 3 months after purchasing the oven maybe 3 years ago, our oven light burned out, or so I thought. Pushing the button did nothing. I left it alone.

Sometime this year, buttons started to not function randomly. Pushing a button (for example, the number 9) did not produce a "beep", it just wouldn't punch in.

I called Magtag for warranty inquiry, but it was way past their 1 year warranty, and said it would cost $85 for the first 15 minutes.

The control panel got progressively worse. Up until 2 weeks ago, I think I could press convection bake, set timer, and the numbers 1, 4, 8, 0 worked, but that's about it.

So 2 weeks ago on a Sunday morning, the oven turned on by itself. It's like someone pushed the "convection bake" button and waited for the person to set a time/degree. I first jokingly blamed the woman for having a big butt. But it would turn itself back off right after as well. Her butt wasn't that big.

Our Magtag oven has a feature where if you push the bake button twice in a row, it would automatically start the oven at 350F - and that is what started happening Monday morning. You can quickly surmise how dangerous this could be. I don't know if the oven would turn itself off again. I didn't wait to find out. I turned the oven off at the breaker panel.

I called Maytag again, and this time, quite honestly is a safety hazard. The ramifications if their oven burned our house down would be huge. Lawsuits, insurance claims, and well maybe a Youtube video would really put a strike against them.

They called in a technician to diagnose the problem for free, at least I've saved that part. Then the warranty rep at Maytag called me again today and said they're ordering the part and fixing it for free!

I finally have a win.


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