Sunday, November 29, 2009

honeymoon, survived

Now I know why people say to get married only once. Because one marriage equals one honeymoon, and surviving that, is a tough thing.

The woman and I both came back with a really bad allergic reaction. Right now she's at the hospital emergency room. She's already seen a doctor on Saturday, to no avail. She's swollen from head to toe. Her face is pudgy, her arms look bloated, and she said her thighs gained two inches. And no, everyone, she's not pregnant!

I'm a terrible husband in that I didn't wait with her. She insisted I didn't need to, and quite frankly, me being there doesn't help in any way, so I bailed.

Me? I have a nasty skin rash that covers the whole of my chest. It could very well be psorisis, because not only does it itch like crazy, it's also starting to scar up like psorisis. My ears are on fire because they could be infected. My inner ear lobes have blisters, my left hand pinky is all cut up from coral - and I had to help my in-laws move yesterday morning - which means my half-healed wounds kept being ripped back open, over and over.

Other than that, we had a great time.

Here's a picture I took with my Nikon D300 using vivid settings. Does not require any post-processing. I did however cropped to fit a 16:10 for my 24" desktop monitor, the resized to 800x500 for the web.
canon d10 underwater camera


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