Wednesday, November 11, 2009

shiny happy OS, laughing

I don't know why, but I like Windows 7, quite a bit.

I've never been an eye-candy sort of guy. I turn off all the visual neat-o stuff in Windows XP and I hated Vista because of the graphical enhancements - "Aero Glass".

But on 7, I'm really digging the shiny new OS feel. It's quite snappy, even on my five year old Dell Inspiron 9300, to which I finally added another 1 GB of ram. Now my computer is humming along with 2 whole GB of ram. I feel quite l33t, well if this was 2005.

Next, I'm going to pinmod my laptop to go from 1.6 GHz, to 2.1x GHz - I hope it doesn't blow up or overheat too much.

I'm only about 4 years behind.


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