Monday, December 14, 2009

iphone users not so smug

Just want to quickly say, "ha!" to the iphoners amongst you.

My co-worker and I recently decided to compare the speed of web browsers between my lowly Nokia N95 and his iphone 3G.

There was no comparison. He trounced me in every which way. He was able to log into facebook and write something on my wall before I was even able to log in.

It was the same when we went to at the same time. He was reading the articles while my phone was still trying to figure out which way the image went.


But today, I finally installed skyfire for the N95. And now, my page download/rendering speeds actually beat his phone. Feel pretty smug.

Of course, the facebook login he still killed me. T9 texting just doesn't work well as a way to log into websites.


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