Tuesday, December 22, 2009

it's the little things

Sometimes when you get an unexpected deal, it's such a good feeling.

I went to angel electronics to buy a 5' HDMI cable for $4.99. When the sales got the cable for me, he asked if I wanted the 6', which was the same price. Of course - a foot longer, no price change, what's not to love.

Except, when I went to their website, the 6' was actually $9.99. I wonder if the website was wrong, or he made a mistake.

5' cable vs 6' cable

Now, I'm not sure whether I should go back and tell them they made a mistake. I hate to rip people off for any reason.

Wait, of course that's a hypocritical statement. I've asked for "no-tax" before, which means I've ripped off the government. I've watched a movie that I didn't pay for. I've watched TV shows that didn't include the commercials. So I'm by no means perfect.

But I actually feel a tiny bit guilty about buying something which is essentially 50% off the regular price, how silly is that?

I still have a conscience, and that's a good thing I guess.


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