Tuesday, December 1, 2009

sometimes, it's for me

The December car calendar is posted. This is not, by any stretch a desirable car, and yet it is.

See, a vehicle is only as bad as your options. If it gets you from A to B without having to walk, then it's a "super car".

This was our vehicle in Tahiti. Costs 12,000 XPF (Pacific Francs) a day to rent - that's $151.73 in sinking US currency. Yeah, steep. But it allowed us to explore the island at our leisure, which was much easier to do than trying to take the bus. Plus it allowed us to buy groceries. On top of all that, buses stop running on the island at 5pm. Which sounds dumb, until you realize that the whole island basically shuts down at 5pm.

Anyway, the December car-lendar is for me, and the woman I guess.


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