Friday, March 27, 2009

Be like water

This picture was taken at one of the many waterfalls near Sauble beach. Unfortunately, I don't remember the actual name.
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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Listen up Chicago!

Moochphotography is coming to Chicago and surrounding area. Having secured a photographer for the business in the area, I'm proud and happy to announce that we can fulfill all your photographic needs with an energy and panache that I'm sure you'll enjoy on your special day. Our jokes may be corny, but our photographs are definitely golden.

For inquiries and pricing, call Dan Lo at (630) 284-9411.

I tried to resist writing "Dan's the man" for this entry, but just couldn't help myself.

Welcome to the business, Dan.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

For the month of April

I have to admit, I enjoy the process of making desktop wallpapers with a little calendar stuck somewhere in the photos. (See left for examples).

It usually first starts off with me approaching the subject with shooting a wallpaper in mind. I think of how my Windows XP icons/start bars are situated, and I take care to compose my photo in such a way that the OS doesn't obstruct the subject.

Of course, having never owned a Mac because I think they are overpriced, and I'm not an avant garde digital media publisher such that I can justify spending the premium.

I've never once checked just how the juxtaposition of the various elements of the Mac desktop affects the look of my wallpapers, if there's a kind soul out there that can load my wallpaper on their Mac OS, kindly let me know how it looks. Thanks.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Uniformity is the spice of life

It's been a long 30 minutes.

We live in an age of gratification measured in nanoseconds. Since the mass adoption of the internet, people don't want to wait for anything. There was a time when a night of entertainment was having the family gathered around a radio, listening to stories acted out through audio alone. And it was good.

But no longer (har har). We now can't wait for something to appear. "Instantly" was 2 seconds too slow. Changing DNS settings from a remote web-hosting server should only take about the same amount of time as one agreeing with the OK button. Forget the fact that these settings may take time to propagate throughout the interwebspace-thingy to let other servers know that indeed, somethings changed on one particular website settings. "This will take 10 minutes for the settings to take effect." - Ha! You're pulling my leg, right?

I'm the same way when it comes to web design, or rather a lack of web design to the pundits. I sometimes just don't think through how a layout will affect the perception of my business because I wanted everything to go live 5 days ago, and already I'm 10 days behind the self-imposed deadline. I want it right quick because I want me to be your pick.

Sometimes however, I have to reign myself in, take a deep breath, and practice patience. Ask, "For whom doth I toil for?"

And then a tsunami of clarity overpowers me. No matter how much I want things to speed up and be created, produced, cobbled, sewn, published, hemmed, or fabicrated, I realize one thing - I'm doing it wrong anyway.

So back to square one. As Wesley Snipes' character John Cutter said in Passenger 57, "Always bet on black."

And that, everyone, is my first irreverent post on

Sunday, March 22, 2009

March twenty-first, two-oh-oh-nine: Genesis

Welcome to moochphotography's blog. We finally decided to spread our shy wings and share with everyone a little something about us. The blog will be updated frequently, and we'll post things related and not-related to wedding photography.

In the meantime, I just want to say "thanks" to all the people who've supported us through the last two years, the mentors who've helped me establish a web presence, taught me about business advertising, but more importantly, gave me the encouragement to turn 100% pro.

There's a difference between weekend shooters and artists who do it "for a living". There are certainly many credible and incredible wedding photographers that also has a nine-to-fiver on the weekdays. As for me, I feel that doing photography full-time allows me to really understand my own process, and enables me to connect with my inner artist, thereby creating a reproducible work flow that starts from a creative thought to turning it into either a digital print or a poster-sized piece hung proudly on a wall.

I can see it in my own work, can you?

Oh yes, here's a glimpse into my personal life - my living room. The room has been re-arranged since taking this shot, but you get the idea.
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