Thursday, July 9, 2009

yet another spacer

And now, the world's most boring picture below....

How to lay tiles

Hey, I spent an afternoon laying ceramic tiles in my bathtub ceiling, so yeah. A good example of "pincushion" effect of a wide angle lens.

Oh, did you want the exif info for this?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

thought behind the idea

Why do people insist on parking beside me? I get this all the time. I try to park in places where there aren't many cars and yet, people invariably want to be right next to me. I simply don't understand.

Chevrolet Impala Honda S2000

Like, seriously. Really? I couldn't actually get into my car, so I had to go from my passenger side, climb over the center console (which is pretty big in the S - look it up), and then finally into the driver seat, without scuffing up the interior. Tougher than you think.

This is from today when I went to buy tiles for the bathroom ceiling. There are literally tens of spaces all around. I'm not even that close to the entrance. I was there first, and with all these spaces everywhere, guess where he decided to park?

I happen to adore my S. I know, it's only a car. But it's mine. I prefer it ding/scratch free. Thanks much.

Highly Digitized Regurgitation (HDR)

I think I'm going overboard with this HDR business. While on my trip to different parts of Alberta and BC (Calgary, Banff, Canmore, Lake Louise, and Jasper respectively), there were definitely times where I shot with HDR in mind. I didn't so much bracketed as I turned the knob to shoot in raw, knowing that raw holds enough information for my purpose.

I have produced maybe 3 HDR photographs so far (I'm not sure if I should show them yet), and have loved each result. Unfortunately I'm starting to dial it away from a "real" photograph and it's now become more art.

I have always promised myself that I would never do real HDR to pass it off as a photo, but I'm slowly sinking into the dark side, and I quite frankly am enjoying it.

I think I'll try some HDR shots for the next wedding gig. Yes.

And now, something completely different. I'm enjoying this song.

Monday, July 6, 2009

too good, too good

Canmore Alberta mountain view

It was a great trip. Thanks Bee and Farm Boy for showing us around, and stopping the car whenever I wanted to grab a picture.