Thursday, October 29, 2009

cow on cup

Why yes it is!
cow drawn cup

I would also like to wake up one day and tuck into a proper fry-up. I would.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

ran out of o's

Yes, I know I still make a lot of spelling mistakes. After all, I'm an ESL student (English as a Second Language).

Woke up this morning to this. The tree above took a dump on the Hedgehog.
horse calgary stampede

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

seek not happiness too greedily

This is about the best quote I've seen from Jeremy Clarkson in quite a while:

"....But saving money is never joyful. It is mean-spirited and demonstrates that you have a heart of coal. If you wish to lead a joyous life, you should always spend 10% more than you earn."

I'm driving the Yaris to work full time. I'm pulse&gliding everywhere I go. I'm staring off far in the distance as a hawk would a running field mouse - trying to gauge traffic so I don't have to tap the brakes, robbing my coasting inertia. I'm packing lunch, even on Fridays. I'm making tea at the lunchroom with tepid and foul hot water.

And for what? To save a buck? To save something I can't spend when I die.

Well, at least I have my health and a buck, in my bank.

Monday, October 26, 2009

HDTV or bust

Okay, so I canceled basic cable last month, and wouldn't you know it, I miss live TV. Groan.

I borrowed Smelly's indoor antenna, and after playing with it for about 3 minutes, I got a bunch of hi-def HDTV signals.

Even commercials look good.

I drove out and bought myself a good UHF antenna. Good being relative - I bought (nerd alert!) a Channel Master 4228HD knockoff, it was $20 cheaper.

I climbed up the roof yesterday afternoon, and tried to install it myself. I got to 1+1/2 story high and then, well I chickened out.

I looked at the way my antenna tower was constructed - it was built in sections, with bolts holding it together.

I removed the highest bolts, but the detatched column plus the mast with the old gigantic VHF antenna would still be guesstimated at 9-10 ft high. I thought about various different ways I can lower it, but none of them would guarantee it to not fall on me, neighbour's roof, or swinging back on itself and breaking my washroom window.

So I didn't go through with my stupid plans - because let's face it, dragging a mattress up onto the roof top might not be easy either, and there's still a good chance the falling mast could puncture the roof.

Long story short, I found a guy who will climb up to the top (I would climb up myself, but I don't have a safety harness, and tying my belt to the tower via rope might not be the smart either). He will crawl through the attic, drill a hole to the garage, drop the cable, drill a hole from the bottom of my wall and feed it back into the house that way.

All for $100. Not bad.