Wednesday, November 11, 2009

shiny happy OS, laughing

I don't know why, but I like Windows 7, quite a bit.

I've never been an eye-candy sort of guy. I turn off all the visual neat-o stuff in Windows XP and I hated Vista because of the graphical enhancements - "Aero Glass".

But on 7, I'm really digging the shiny new OS feel. It's quite snappy, even on my five year old Dell Inspiron 9300, to which I finally added another 1 GB of ram. Now my computer is humming along with 2 whole GB of ram. I feel quite l33t, well if this was 2005.

Next, I'm going to pinmod my laptop to go from 1.6 GHz, to 2.1x GHz - I hope it doesn't blow up or overheat too much.

I'm only about 4 years behind.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I like Weezer

I'm not sure why I like Weezer, but I do. It's not really my "genre" of music, but realistically, I don't really have one anyway.

I used to listen almost exclusively to hip hop, but now I do - I'm just tired of the same cookie cutter rappers. Autotune was never that great to begin with when Cher did it, please tell me that fad is dying down.

It also appears that you can't put out an album without "featuring Li'l Wayne" these days. Wait, even Weezer has a song with him.

Unofficial Video:


Monday, November 9, 2009

losir luck is back, (yes it is)

I hope so, anyway. Not that I believe in luck by the way.

But I wanted to buy an extra gig of ram for my now old laptop (single centrino processor @ 1.6GHz).

The cheapest place I found that still sells the ram is here

Really great price for $13.99. Note, there's only 1 left in all their stores, and yes, it's now on hold for me. Better yet, since it's an open box item, I get an extra 5% off.

Yes, I'm cheap.