Wednesday, December 2, 2009

turtle love

More memories of the "lune de miel" (moon of honey in French)

Bora Bora outrigger

It's Christmas, not Holiday

Just like the title say I guess.

I'm not a fan of "Holiday Parties", that's what May two-four is when you're drinking at the cottage with friends.

Christmas is Christmas. Jesus Christ's birth is the reason for the season.

I don't mind if you don't share in my religious beliefs. If it upsets you, you're not obligated to participate, but at least call it for what it is.

I just don't understand why we always tread lightly for other religions because we're so afraid to "offend" someone, and yet, when it comes to Christianity, we're allowed to trounce all over it.

On a totally unrelated note, I am now reminiscing on how I swam with sharks in Bora Bora, and I have to say, one of the coolest experiences of my life!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

sometimes, it's for me

The December car calendar is posted. This is not, by any stretch a desirable car, and yet it is.

See, a vehicle is only as bad as your options. If it gets you from A to B without having to walk, then it's a "super car".

This was our vehicle in Tahiti. Costs 12,000 XPF (Pacific Francs) a day to rent - that's $151.73 in sinking US currency. Yeah, steep. But it allowed us to explore the island at our leisure, which was much easier to do than trying to take the bus. Plus it allowed us to buy groceries. On top of all that, buses stop running on the island at 5pm. Which sounds dumb, until you realize that the whole island basically shuts down at 5pm.

Anyway, the December car-lendar is for me, and the woman I guess.

Monday, November 30, 2009

random points of disinterests

- I rickrolled myself last night in my dream. I dreamed that I met Rick Astley at a bar, probably the same bar where he shot the video, and totally washed up. He was drinking either gin or vodka, and I don't know what I asked him, but we had a good conversation.

- I've spent half the night trying to "program" my Harmony 880 remote to control my TV, amplifier/receiver, and Xbox 360. Everything is finally working, except I can't get the stupid TV to change to the correct input. It's driving me insane.

- I itch. All over. It's really bothering me quite a lot. I try hard not to scratch, because if I scratch, the rash is going to be much worse. *SCRATCH*

Sunday, November 29, 2009

honeymoon, survived

Now I know why people say to get married only once. Because one marriage equals one honeymoon, and surviving that, is a tough thing.

The woman and I both came back with a really bad allergic reaction. Right now she's at the hospital emergency room. She's already seen a doctor on Saturday, to no avail. She's swollen from head to toe. Her face is pudgy, her arms look bloated, and she said her thighs gained two inches. And no, everyone, she's not pregnant!

I'm a terrible husband in that I didn't wait with her. She insisted I didn't need to, and quite frankly, me being there doesn't help in any way, so I bailed.

Me? I have a nasty skin rash that covers the whole of my chest. It could very well be psorisis, because not only does it itch like crazy, it's also starting to scar up like psorisis. My ears are on fire because they could be infected. My inner ear lobes have blisters, my left hand pinky is all cut up from coral - and I had to help my in-laws move yesterday morning - which means my half-healed wounds kept being ripped back open, over and over.

Other than that, we had a great time.

Here's a picture I took with my Nikon D300 using vivid settings. Does not require any post-processing. I did however cropped to fit a 16:10 for my 24" desktop monitor, the resized to 800x500 for the web.
canon d10 underwater camera