Thursday, December 31, 2009

not-so-free shipping

I need to buy this:

The store is called Fortune Computer. The plate is manufactured/distributed/imported by (whoever they are....)

That price is even in Canadian money. So I went to their store to pick it up. However, they said the item is only available online.

So I went to their website (that's where I got the image from by the way).

After checking out and adding all the taxes and shipping, well:

To be fair, I bought an 6' optical cable for $4.99+tax from them the other day, and that was worth it.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

picture dump

Just a couple of pictures I've taken this month on my trusty Nokia N95 8GB phone; in no particular order:

Tasting menu at Colborne Lane - Scallop, some frozen ball things, powdered coconut.

Newly installed control panel for my oven, except the guy cracked the corner. Either I get it replaced for free, or they refund me $100. Decisions.

Hot pot at my house. Sauces.

We hosted a "high tea" at lunch. Everything was home made. The tray is $14.99+tax at Ikea. So good!

Bake sale. The woman is a baking beast!

Christmas tree in the living room.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

bargain hunting

There was a flyer for a wireless temperature gadget that I fell in love with the first time I saw it at Grumpzilla's house. It looks like this: link

So when the Crappy Tire Flyer showed it on sale, I was quite excited.

I went to the store and promptly found out that the $9.99 advertised price wasn't for the product in the picture. Instead, it was for a much crappier version that I didn't want. Somehow Crappy Tires had screwed up their own advert.

I told them that I was willing to pay for the more expensive product (the one I actually wanted) but not at full price. I think I used the term "price adjustment."

I offered to pay $16 for the nicer thermometer, "Oscar Outlook" - which was actually $32.xx on their shelf, but more importantly, I was offering them more than the $9.99 I was willing to pay from the start.

He checked the computers and said his best price was $24.xx - which was the lowest
"on sale" price they had. After a bit of thought, I said, "I want the product, but I couldn't pay more than $20."

He again said no. "The guy who OKs these price changes also writes my cheques."

I pulled my ace in the hole. "Look, the wife won't let me buy it at $24. She already balked at the $9.99 price to begin with and I had to talk her into that. I can still sell it to her for $20. Anymore than that and she'll just say 'no'. $20 plus tax is close to $24 anyway. It'll be like I bought it at $24, but no tax."

He thought about it, and wrote down $20 on the rain check slip.

I can't believe I haggled at Crappy Tires (Canadian national hardware store) and won!

Oh, Grumpzilla? They paid $15 for theirs at Crappy Tires - in Calgary, and they have lower tax.


Sunday, December 27, 2009

pant. faint.

I just did a decent back work out consisting of 3 exercises, 4 sets each - bent over rows, one arm bent-over row, and upright rows. Then I did a session of Insanity - their cardio recovery program.

And that's why people, large tea with milk and sugar at 11pm is not necessarily a bad idea.

I'm spent.