Friday, January 29, 2010

buying foreign?

I saw a bumper sticker on the back of a late model Ford Focus hatchback that read: "Out of a job yet? Keep buying foreign"

I find that funny. First, the last time I checked, Ford is a US company, and last I remember, being from Canada, I still needed a passport to fly between the two countries.

So unless the owner of the vehicle was American and only living in Canada by force (the car had Ontario plates), I'm not sure what that really means.

Even if the car was built in Ontario (probably), you have to remember that one of the first things the Big 2 threatened to do last year was that if the Canadian government didn't throw money their way, they were going turtle up and shut down the plants completely. How's that for supporting you?

Fine, Ford didn't ask for a handout, but you get my drift.

Thing is, we in North America live in the land of milk and honey. Sure, we have impoverished people, but per capita we are so much more well off than most anywhere else in the world. Check out your big box local grocery store, and try to count how many different types of salad dressing they stock. That's how spoiled we are.

I wish I could stop the driver and ask them why they feel "foreign" companies are stealing all the jobs.

I could write about this for days, but I think I'll just stop.


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