Monday, April 12, 2010

lowest common denominator

I'm not even surprised anymore that things like this only happen to me.

I went to a Slubway for a meatball sandwich. With a soda it came out to $7.90.

Now I'm not a fan of math. I have a hard time adding my paychecks together. True story.

So when I went to pay for the sandwich, I gave the cashier girl $8.15. Busting out my trusty windows calculator, it appears that I'd get back $0.25, or you know, people who speak English would refer to this as a "quarter".

She hands me back $.15 cents and say, "Sandwich is $7.90 - so the $8 you gave me covers it."

I reply. "True. But you know what, with the $8.15 I'd get back a quarter. I really hate change, because for guys, we only put it in our pockets, and too much change will put a hole in my jeans pockets a lot quicker. So I'm trying really hard to get rid of my change."

Now I said it straight faced with a hint of "please?" in my voice. I'm good at doing that. That's how I get the woman to do things for me. "Honey, I don't have any more underwear. And if I don't have underwear, I'll be cold and embarrassed when my pants fall down." Usually by this time, she's sick of my whining she does laundry for me. (Thanks, woman!)

Back at the cashier, I wait patiently, and after a couple of stabs at the till, she hands me back, wait for it....

Two dimes and a nickel.

I'm not even kidding.


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