Thursday, April 1, 2010

why are we winners?

Well I'll tell you why.

Last night we went to 3 different banks to do some transactions. Now when I say 3 different banks, I don't mean branches or ATM, I mean we went to 3 completely different banking establishments - with different needs.

Thing is 2 of the 3 banks had problems with their ATMs. And we weren't really in the mood to go ATM hunting. I at least was able to withdraw $500 from my account.

But let me step back for a second.

I recently got rear-ended in my S by another vehicle while stopped on the highway. Although the accident was slight, it still needed to be, at the least, repainted.

So I've been rocking in a rental Toyota Corolla CE (ugh) for the last two days. The contractual agreement was for me to fill up the gas back up to quarter tank full when I return it. Fair enough.

I went to an independent gas station to fill up, and needing only 5 dollars in the tank, that's the button I pressed.

Unfortunately I didn't actually press the 5 buck button, I actually pressed a non-button above it.

More unfortunately, I blanked out and let the pump run, which means by the time I snapped back to reality, I had put in $16.20.

While driving the 1 minute back to the house, the woman turns to me and said, "Hey, we could go to Niagara."

I glanced at the amber clocks in the center console (ugh) and it was showing 10:47pm. I looked down at the gas gauge - half a tank. I looked at what I was wearing, and the $500 that was burning a hole in my jeans and said, "OK."

After several minutes of "You're crazy." and "No!" we were on our way.

She even offered to return home at the cusp of Oakville, but we were too far along to just turn back. That would be stupid.

Instead, we pulled off and bought Combo, flavoured water, and most importantly, a big can of Red Bull.

We arrived at the casino and after circling like piranha lost and drunk, we sat down at the Spanish 21 table. Sad thing is? I've never played the game before. I didn't want to look dumb and get up to go after I changed my money, I figure, it's still blackjack, isn't it?

Well it is and it isn't. We ended up winning a spot of money. It wasn't a lot, but hey, we won - on a brutal table where everyone else was losing dosh.

When it was all said and done, we got home at 3:30am. My head didn't touch the bed until 4am at least.

Winning is definitely better than losing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We're winners!

April 5, 2010 at 11:29 p.m.  

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