Friday, June 18, 2010

mad crazy dope

Okay, okay. I admit it, I like Moto2 - the 600 spec series of MotoGP racing.

Most of you now are sitting there scratching your head. Was that even English?

Why yes it is. Let me explain.

For anyone into motorcycle racing, MotoGP is the premiere class in racing. Period.

It's like Formula 1 of the bike world. It's like NASCAR for guys driving around in Monte Carlos and think they have similar vehicles.

Beyond having two wheels and fairings, the technology in the bike is wildly different from anything one can buy at the local bike dealership. We are talking 10 years from now technology, appearing today on those bikes.

Now the cream of the crop of motorcycle racers are only allowed to throw a leg over. We're talking Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button class racers. These guys have a pair on top of the pair they already have.

But there's a problem. There are one or two guys in the league that week in week out handily out-ride the field. So as exciting as the machinery sound, actual racing can be somewhat of a bore - especially when they take a big lead right from the word, "go."

Moto2 is different. They all run pretty much the same set up - and as such, the racing is much tighter. Thus, at any given lap, a guy running second could be in fifth after 3 turns. Lead changes happen so frequently, one dare not blink.

Hence it is much more exciting to watch. Obviously there's a gap in talent - or so it appears. One gentleman, a perennial ne'er-do-well that floated from MotoGP to Moto2 class is now leading the championship. While that's not a true indication of talent, it does lead one to believe just how far and above MotoGP guys really are.

And I'm fine with that.


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