Wednesday, June 9, 2010

typing a post, having a pop

Okay, not 100% true.

Maybe half an hour ago, I was sitting pool side with my laptop, in the New Orleans heat, with a can of cold diet beverage.

Fifteen minutes before that, I was swimming - attempting to do laps. And failing. After the third lap (pool is very small by the way), I swallowed a HUGE gulp of water, almost droning me, and I almost threw up.

So I stopped, got out, showered and went back outside just to chill. Chatted with some peoples, and well I came back in, only to remember to blog.

It's great. I have a view of the downtown area, and answering emails and chatting on meebo just made everything pretty nice. Wish I had some music though. I'll have to remember headphone next time out.


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