Monday, September 13, 2010

downward spiral

We live in a world of self-centered-ness. Everything is about me, me, me.

And that's a huge problem. Globally speaking, even with all the resources we have at hand, it cannot fully support 1 person without destroying someone else's life.

Think about it, what's the biggest commodity going forward? It's not oil, it's not natural gas, it's not even food.

It's water. Google some stats, it's crazy how scarce this resource will become in 10 years time. And what do we do with it? We flush paint down the sink to re-use a one dollar brush.

Now that's just a cause, not the main problem. We needed to buy that $1 brush because the house needs a bit of touch-up. Since I happen to have white walls, they get dirty, and scratched up.

So I spent $50 to buy paint, that $1 brush (in a multi-pack), a tray, a tool to open the paint can, paper towels to wipe the spills that occur when I pour out the paint. A paint roller to do the big patches, turning on lights in the day time to make sure we paint all the spots.

I'm almost forgetting the drywall compound to patch up the grooves and divots, the plastic spatula that was used to putty it on. Oh yes, there was the shower afterward to wash the paint off me (because I'm clumsy), the washing of the paint that dribbled on the floor (see before bracket), and washing of the clothes that invariably got dirty from paint (there's a trend here.)

Of course, the woman did most of the work, so I was just the junior support tech to her masterful painting, but that means whatever we used, times 2.

So all the above material came from somewhere. And all that environmental impact we created, was created so I could once again have pristine white walls.

It's not really fair, is it? I was watching the documentaries "Babies" and one baby was from Mongolia while the other was from an uncredited African Tribe. Point is, they live so much more simpler than us, and the last thing they worried about was how white their walls were.

But my little bucket of paint probably cost a lot of natural resource to make. What's worse, I'm washing the excess off into our water system - expecting it somehow to be cleaned when I turn the taps back on at a later time.

I'm a hypocrite. I know I'll probably do this again in the future. I, like the woman, and like most of you, would prefer to live in a nice environment. We're so spoiled by our surroundings, we've forgotten that there are whole cultures out there who doesn't live like us. Maybe we're the ones behind the times.


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