Thursday, September 9, 2010

i am broken

My neck is super sore. I somehow pulled it during work. I have no idea what I did. I was talking to a customer on the phone, showing him some things on his computer. Next thing I know, I can no longer look down without excruciating pain in the right of the neck.

And now, I can't do anything. I tried working out, bad mistake. I laid down the bench and did some flat bench press, but then after a set of 10 (warming up with 100 lb with bar), to my dismay, I could not get up.

I was flat on my back. My neck hurt so much, I couldn't sit up. I ended up having to turn to my right side, slid off the bench, and then tried to stand up from a squatting position. The second set the woman and to come to my rescue and push me up from behind, supporting my back like I was an invalid.

I did another 3 sets but the situation didn't improve. I try forcing a set of incline bench press, but couldn't rep more than 3 before it felt uncomfortable.

Sigh. I have a wedding to shoot in 2 weeks. I better heal up before then.

By the way, I shot this for a friend.


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