Friday, October 8, 2010

sad but true

I like the shiny fruit device.

After getting upset because UPS wouldn't be able to redeliver, I got my phone today at work in the afternoon. Totally painless - they just walked it, handed it to the person at the reception desk, and walked away.

Any silver lining? Well, yes. They gave me an addition 100 bonus minutes per month for three years. My plan is now $17.50 for 300 daytime minutes, evening starting at 6pm. While not the best plan in the whole wide world, it's not terrible. So after voicemail/caller id/2500, fees and taxes. My plan costs me $28.40 CAD.

Then it's 6gb of data for $30. I know people who've done better, but I'm okay with my plan for now. I'm not that great at negotiating after all.


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