Thursday, December 9, 2010

but why?

I'm not sure what the big fuss is with e-readers. Maybe it's the ones I've played with recently that turned me off.

I am more than happy to read a book on my shiny fruit device. I've read books in html format, PDF format, etc. I've also tried dedicated ebook services.

My point is, while the device screen is much smaller than an ebook reader, it is much more versatile - as it actually fits in my pocket, and I'm not restricted to purchasing books from one source.

The black and white ebook readers I've tried are horrible. They switch to black, then flicker back to white each time you "turn" the page. Now, maybe I didn't have the correct settings, but since by default the texts are huge, I have to deal with near constant flicker. By the 3rd page, I had a headache.

If you're going to buy an e-reader, do yourself a favor and just get a smartphone with a decent screen. I'm not saying you have to go with a Crus malum fabrica (Latin for Shiny Apple Device - yes, this is quite S.A.D.), but really, get something pocketable and then read on it, you'll be surprised just how much better the experience is.


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