Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Flying colours

Crappy Tires. That's what everyone calls it, and yes, it's totally true.

Out of pure desperation, I took my car there to get an emissions test so I could get my plate sticker renewed. The regular guy I do it with wasn't around Saturday and I really needed it done. Otherwise the woman and I had to share a car and she wasn't enjoying that any longer.

I waited 3 solid hours there. I even stood near the counter staring at my car through the shop window as it sat dormant. I stood right beside the cashier's counter and waited at least 15 minutes. At the end, the guy turns to me and said, "We didn't do anything, the exhaust leaks and we can't test the car." He even waved an official looking form filled out by the technician with a little tick mark beside the blurb that read "....unsafe...."

The cashier turns to me with his 100 watt smile and asks smugly, "Do you want me to give an estimate for that?"

I would have punched him if he wasn't 60 years old. But hey, I'm not much younger so I just left. Never take your car to crappy tires....

I brought the car today to my regular guy. Within 1/2 hours, I had a nice PASS stamped in the proper box. Feels pretty good about it too.

Now to only get the actual sticker tomorrow. With my luck I will either get pulled over for having an expired sticker, or get to the office to find out it's been closed.

Wish me luck.

[UPDATE: Dec 22, 2010] Fixed some of the typos above. Car is stickered. Now I just need to change my brake lights and the starter in the car.



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