Wednesday, February 3, 2010

my wedding video preview

Very low res at this point.

Full video is an hour long.

Thailand, here I come

Title says it all.

Have decided to not bring a laptop. So from now until at least until the end of my Thailand trip, I will be connection free. Sort of liberating, sort of scary.

I have the ability to capture approximately 1300 pictures before I have to find another CF card. I have 2 batteries fully charged. I imagine I will have to keep the chimp shooting down to a minimum. Composition, composition, composition. Good light, God willing, will help lots too. Won't even bring an external flash. That's how I'm going to roll.

Taking the backup camera, and a 50mm f1.8 prime cheap-o lens. Will probably bring the Gary Fong puffer if I need to diffuse the on-board flash.

This trip will be about helping those in need. I will be building a house for people who don't have the means to do so. I will document as much as I can, and there's a real good chance I will lose my equipment sometime along the way. I'm mentally prepared and accept the fact I might end up with nothing because apparently, theft is common - even in 5 star hotels, when you have stuff locked in a safe.

Can't wait.

Monday, February 1, 2010

a chapter of our lives has closed

The last man standing was a girl, and she too has been voted off the island.

I just realized that all people in my group of friends that used to work for The Company has now all left. What a happy day.

Sometimes it's easy to misidentify the chains that bind as a security blanket that keeps you warm. It's hard for most people to leave the comfort bubble and venture out. For the lucky few that are pushed out and then realized that we can breathe on our own, well it's very liberating.

So long ATI Technologies, hello life.