Thursday, May 6, 2010

falling asleep

I have a confession to make.

Everyday that I drive home, I almost always fall asleep. Yes, I'm piloting the vehicle. Yes, I get very sleepy, and unfortunately, yes, I have nodded off - probably now once a day.

I am unsure why I get so tired. I've tried many things. Windows down. (Err, top down actually, as I do drive a convertible). Music blasting. Heat up. Heat down. Air Conditioner On. News. Singing to the tunes. Singing to myself. I even give people lifts home.

And yet, nothing really changes. Not even when I sleep more. Help!

To make matters worse - I am now beginning to get very sleep on my way to work.

I fear I'll be in an accident one day. I've already nearly miss rear-ending cars on 2-3 occasions.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

not that I'm any better

I just realized tonight (actually, I've known for a while now) that the woman is pretty un-cool.

Wait, before you give me your "screw face", let me tell you what she tried to say.

"Hey," says Woman. "It's like that song 'Pop it like you can?'"

I look at her, "Errr..." I began. "Do you mean 'drop it like it's hot?'"

"Oh yeah." she replies. "That's the song."

Who the heck sings "Pop it like you can"?!