Wednesday, June 9, 2010

typing a post, having a pop

Okay, not 100% true.

Maybe half an hour ago, I was sitting pool side with my laptop, in the New Orleans heat, with a can of cold diet beverage.

Fifteen minutes before that, I was swimming - attempting to do laps. And failing. After the third lap (pool is very small by the way), I swallowed a HUGE gulp of water, almost droning me, and I almost threw up.

So I stopped, got out, showered and went back outside just to chill. Chatted with some peoples, and well I came back in, only to remember to blog.

It's great. I have a view of the downtown area, and answering emails and chatting on meebo just made everything pretty nice. Wish I had some music though. I'll have to remember headphone next time out.

Monday, June 7, 2010

on the left side

You know what the real difference between being single and married is? You end up sleeping on one side of the hotel bed.

I have this amazingly comfortable queen sized bed, but instead of sprawling and spreading in the middle - which I loved doing when I was single, I squish myself to one side of the bed, with a fluffy pillow next to me, my left foot slightly dangling off the edge, and then, only then, could I fall asleep.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

skin like sandpaper

Why is it that the world over, no matter which hotel you're in, no matter how fancy the bottle, and what blurb they print on the label, their soaps/bodywash always make you feel like you just washed with liquid sand mixed with bleach?

I mean, come on people, able to rub your skin and have it squeak like a dishwasher detergent commercial does not make one clean. And the way it just dries your skin? Hello?

I'm convinced that the world's hotel chains all buy the same soap from the same source - who's probably also the guys who recycles crushed glass and concrete. How else do you explain that same dry feeling everywhere?

Ugh, and now my lips feel like expired raisins.