Friday, October 1, 2010

flag at half mast

So, verdict. N95 won't turn on. Not even whimper.

At least when the first time I washed my Sony Ericsson W300i, it would power on. It just didn't let me call out any longer.

But this time the waterlogged N95 just will not come back to life. I tried a colleague's battery as well, no joy.

Anyway it's done. My favorite crappy games on the N95 is no more. My brother might not shed a tear - but losing Scrabble Remix sort of sucks. I already miss the game quite a bit.

I am now about to uninstall the N95 sync software. All those night sitting there hacking away to get the GPS software to work better, well - down the drain, with the water that washed it.

Goodbye little buddy. You were a really good non-touch device.

Bring on the shiny fruit!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

shiny fruit devices

Oh goodness.

I never thought I would be typing this.

I bought an iPhone 4.

My head spins and I want to throw up even as I typed that. It bothers me a lot that I just bought a "me 2" fruit device.

However, I'm fully aware that I can return it within X days if I hate it. And I might. I'm not sure. Or I might just sell it and try to make a couple of bucks. I really am not sure what I'll do - I did buy the 32GB version.

I would much prefer Samsung Galaxy S Captivate, but that's not out for my carrier yet.

Monday, September 27, 2010


losir: barging in is fine
Woman: I feel like Donkey Kong
losir: My little Gorilla Girl
losir: Calling you GG from now on.

n95 has drowned

Be careful what you wish for....

So pretty much everyone knows I've been jonesing for a new phone. I've been checking out all the new released handhelds about, tracking all the feature set, plotting prices, and even made a preliminary call to my phone provider into seeing if there's a better deal than what I'm getting.

Well last night laundry was done, and the woman decided my phone needed a good cleaning, and threw it into the wash with the bedsheets.

Obviously it's not truly her fault. I could have not put the phone onto the bed, but ultimately, a mistake was made, and now it's sitting in a bucket of rice and silica packets trying to dry out.

I won't touch it for 3-4 days, but chances are that it's done for, and for the second time ever, I've drowned yet another electronic device.

Technically, she drowned it, but hey, let's not play the blame game.

(her fault - she buys me new phone. iPhone or Samsung Galaxy?) hahah.