Friday, October 8, 2010

sad but true

I like the shiny fruit device.

After getting upset because UPS wouldn't be able to redeliver, I got my phone today at work in the afternoon. Totally painless - they just walked it, handed it to the person at the reception desk, and walked away.

Any silver lining? Well, yes. They gave me an addition 100 bonus minutes per month for three years. My plan is now $17.50 for 300 daytime minutes, evening starting at 6pm. While not the best plan in the whole wide world, it's not terrible. So after voicemail/caller id/2500, fees and taxes. My plan costs me $28.40 CAD.

Then it's 6gb of data for $30. I know people who've done better, but I'm okay with my plan for now. I'm not that great at negotiating after all.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

i am complete fail

So electronics and losir? Does not mix.

I order the fruit device, and it's shipped to my house. Of course, like 80% of the world, I work.

So I'm not home. I call them and ask them to change the delivery address to my place of work.

The lady on the phone said, "It's good you called before 7pm, as now we will deliver it to your work address."

Lies. I check today at 1pm, and they made a second attempt to deliver to my house. Since obvious I wasn't home, they won't come back until the next day.

I call to complain, saying my file clearly says to deliver at work, and you still failed.

So they said they'll call me and get the driver to deliver to my house again today when I'm home, but it's been 2 hours, and they haven't called me to see whether the driver will indeed try to deliver again today.

And since it realistically takes me at least an hour for me to drive home, even if they call me know and say "Hey, I'll be at your house in 1/2 hour." It's not going to work.

And since it's so late, I won't even be able to swing by the pick-up depot by that time.

So I won't be able to get my fruit device. See, even God doesn't want me to be iOwned.


So I called a second time, asking for the depot to call me again. As of 6pm, they still haven't called me. So chances are, I have to go pick it up (1/2 away from my house). So much for "free delivery".