Thursday, December 16, 2010

A healthy dollop of weaksauce

I think I equate soreness with muscle mass. The sad truth is I am a scrawny little guy who works out.

So whenever my muscles ache, I feel bigger than I probably am. Strange, no?

I have not been gyming as hard as I used to, mostly because of laziness, but also because I don't work out with anyone else. On the weekend I did shoulders with Gabe and it was good. Sure I was doing girly weights, but at least I did it with intensity. We even did some pyramids to finish off the shoulders and biceps.

Good for me.

Monday, December 13, 2010


I bought this last week. It allows me to use my house electrical system to send network signal to my xbox. Why not wireless you say? Well, in theory, this is a faster solution. I would need to buy a wireless adapter for my xbox. My microwave will knock out my wireless signal. I used to have a ethernet jack where my TV was, but for some reason, that stopped working, and since the basement has been refinished, I would have to re-drywall the ceiling, which I'm much too lazy to do.

Of course I could attach my laptop to the XBox, and create a bridge connection in order to grab a connection, but that means I would need to turn on my laptop the whole time.

The unit was also on sale for $56 tax-in, shipped to my door. I ordered it Thursday, it arrived Friday. This is a good price for what it is. I mean, even a discounted XBox 360 wireless receiver is $40+.

Anyway (after a firmware flash), the device indeed works, and now I can stream videos from my PC to my TV. Works quite well, and as Bee would attest, Glee episodes work nicely.

The only thing that nags me is that I would need to turn on my PC (big power drain) just to stream videos. The cheaper alternative is to copy what I want to watch on my USB key first, before I stick it in the XBox.

But hey, at least I can finally update my XBox games (that I don't play).