Sunday, January 2, 2011


My Shiny Fruit Device has been acting up. Inexplicably, the 32GB storage device has been filling up by itself.

32GB is a pretty decent sized space, so there should be no way 58 applications, 5 videos, and zero songs should take it down to less than 3GB. Even with TomTom loaded, it's 1.6 GB, max.

Very puzzling - obviously, something was filling it up without my permission. Is this the peril of jailbreaking?

So after poking around for a bit, I finally found out what's wrong.

One of the cool things about this iteration of iPWN3d device is the ability to finally watch video files encoded with divx using VLC, a very legitimate app free from the App store.

The only caveat is that one must sync the movie file over using the dreaded iTunes. Instead I used iFiles to wireless copy files over, and then use it to launch the movie, asking it to play with VLC.

All well and good because so far all the movie files I've thrown at it plays. However it always takes 30 seconds to spool up before play begins.

I now know it's because it creates a copy of the movie file into its own ../inbox before playing. The funny thing is even if I run the movie file from the inbox, it still insists on cloning itself before it begins playback. This was what was eating away at my storage space. After I cleaned up the redundant files, I got back 19gb of space.

So I'm now handcuffed to using iTunes. Boo for me.


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