Monday, January 31, 2011

not so shiny fruit device

Most crapple fanboys tout how robust the iOS is and how "hard" it is to royally screw it up.

Apparently, not too hard at all. My device is stuck at the start up apple logo screen. I finally caved in and had to do a restore. Luckily, because I used tinyumbrella to save my SHSH blobs, I was able to restore back to iOS 4.1.

The sucky thing is that I didn't properly backup my device, so all the apps and customizations are wiped ut.

That doesn't sound as bad as it does. I've been meaning to revirginize my phone for a little while now, because I've been getting some horrible battery life and I want to remove a rogue jailbroken app out of the equation first before I bring it back to its mothership and ask for a replacement.

The only thing stopping me was my mission to finish Angry Birds with every level with all 3 stars. Now that I've wiped my phone, I realize just how pointless that is.

So, for the next week, I will be unjailbroken. I'm already hating it, but I need to find out if the battery is really as poor as it's been for me. I'm not even getting 12 hours of life.

Oh well.


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