Wednesday, March 9, 2011

goodbye mrs. sung

I only found out today that she passed away in early November of 2008. I attribute a lot of my success to her and her family. They rented a room to me for a number of years, and I still have extremely fond memory of conversations with her and her husband, as well as their grandson, who I still think of as yet another little brother.

I'm not sure how I feel about everything. I can still close my eyes and see myself back in that room, no bigger than most people's walk-in closet. I remember the air circulation vent by the opposite wall of my bed, where mice would for a while use as a gateway from the outside world into the house via a hole in the garage, which was directly below my room. Mrs. Sung saw a couple of mice roaming in her room, but would not let me put traps there. Instead, I laid them all in my room. Fun times.

And it was hot. No wait, it was cold. Rooms above garages are the worst. Hot in the summer, freezing in the winter.

I never had a desk. Instead, I had my computer on top of the dresser she provided. It was from this that I developed carpel tunnel syndrome through many hours of improper posture playing video games.

She was gentle, sometimes making me soup. She could also be a little mean, telling me to move out when I did something stupid. But in the end, she'd relent and let me stay, telling me she gets lonely sometimes, especially after her husband had passed, and her grandson was preparing a new career in Boston.

I left at the end of 2007. She barely lived another year after that. I had dinner with her once after I moved out, she seemed sad. Definitely she was more freaked out about everything. I vividly remembering she not only locked and chained her door in the daytime, but also put tape over the chain - for reasons I'm not entirely sure, but I could certainly guess.

I still remember her permed and coloured hair, a style that was no longer popular since the 60s. Being Asian, she definitely did not look her age. She also had a shrill laugh, and would use it often when speaking with friends over the phone.

I guess in a lot of ways, I now really miss her, and regret deeply that I did not stay in touch, even though geographically speaking, we were neighbours. Life is strange now that I'm much older. I realize my mortality more than ever.

Goodbye Mrs. Sung. Rest in peace, and may your dedication to the Catholic faith be enough to see you wake up in Heaven.


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