Wednesday, March 16, 2011

taureau rouge

I have to say, chugging a Red Bull every morning is a great way to start a day, it's also a very bad habit forming thing to do. It's day three, and I'm already looking forward to the next morning's ceremonious gathering of the group and all downing one. Pretty much in about 1 or 2 gulps.

I'm always been a fan of British English, and because I do watch a bit of telly from the BBC, it's sort of odd that I'm in Englandland.

I try to use my hick Canadian accent to good use, because everyone gets a laugh, I'm starting to slowly call everyone "mate", but when it comes from my lips, it sounds like I'm making fun of them.

I don't dare try to imitate the accent, because well, it'll look like I'm having a laugh, when I really am not meaning to.

So I'm stuck in their singsong way of speaking sometimes, but with a Canuck attitude, and using "Eh" at the end of every word. Very stupid.

I could live here, except I'd never afford the rent.


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