Friday, April 15, 2011

16v 100µF

While I'm not opposed to trying to fix something by myself, there are times when I have to find help.

Take for example my Logitech 5450 "wireless" speaker system. Apparently, the rear-right speakers have some bad capacitors that needs to be replaced over time.

In theory I could have done it myself, had I the tools and the technical ability to follow instructions.

However, I don't have a heat gun, and I don't own a soldering iron (anymore). So I turned to a co-worker, who was more than happy to help - after I bought him lunch.

Long story short, it seems fixed. I won't know until I try it out tonight.

On another note, I gave up on replacing the starter motor myself on the GTI. I brought it over to a shop and just got them to put it in. $127 out of my pocket.



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