Tuesday, June 7, 2011

let me geek out for a second

Now, let's not mince words, I like my shiny fruit device.

I don't think it's a complete phone until it's been jailbroken. I can take pictures with the device still "locked". I can edit photographs from within the phone.

I can use the hard buttons to perform various functions (i.e.: double clicking the power button will activate the LED flash like a mini-flashlight.)

I can if I chose, to have a lot of information about my device at the lockscreen info via http://david.ashman.com/lockinfo/

I can use dropbox and "share" my files between various devices, all "in the cloud" (I hate that phrase!)

In short, I can do pretty much everything today that iOS5 is promising tomorrow. What is the big deal?

I will say it again, the iPwn is not a complete device until you jailbreak. If you've not done it, you really, truly do not know what you're missing.


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