Friday, June 17, 2011

NAS, not the singer

So yesterday, one of the Dell deals was a NAS (Network Attached Storage). The cost was $189 CAD.

While expensive, it had 2TB of data storage available. Given that 2 terabyte HDs are going for anywhere from $80-160, $189+tax isn't unreasonable.

One of the major benefits of this NAS is bittorrent support. This means I don't have to leave my computer on all the time.

Yes, a NAS device is essentially a small computer, but this uses anywhere from 5-19watts, whereas my current desktop computer draws at least 39watts, by my loose calculations, I'm saving $50 CAD a year on electricity. So that means if a 2 TB drive was $100 anyway, I'll make that back within 2 years - give or take.

The cool thing? I bought it off Dell's website last night, and today, it was delivered to my door! (I wasn't home, so I still have to drive out to get it). But wow, took less than 24 hours to have an item purchased from online. Crazy.


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