Friday, July 29, 2011

hidden treasures

Two weeks ago, I lost my keys.

I looked high and low, in the house and at work (where it usually is when I misplace them). I looked in both cars, asked my co-worker to look for it in his car.

I phoned up the dealership where I test drove the Subaru Outback, with the sales guy reply, "I did a CSI search on the dark grey 4 cylinder Outback and did not find your keys."

I was quite bummed out. I know I have backup spares to everything, but I am still quite upset at myself for losing it.

I even went to the food court where I frequent on occasion and asked around. No go.

So about my office. It's pretty cold. I usually wear a dress shirt and slacks, so at least it's long sleeved, which helps.

I also have a hoodie that I leave in the car for occasions where I'm super chilly.

I looked in the jacket, no keys.

Well, I wore the hoodie today, and slipped my hand in the right pocket.

Keys. Found. Rejoice.


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