Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The $99 tablet craze

Did you fall into this $99 HP touchpad tablet frenzy? I have.

I don't know if I will actually get one. I bought 2, one from best buy online and again today from a website that advertised them for $20 above firesale price, plus $18 CAD shipping.

I have no real need for this but truth be told, It'll probably be a great piece of kit for some surfing and light video plaback. Light because it only supports a limited range of video codecs straight out of the gate.

But I am in love with tablets. I am typing this on an iPad 2 for example. For the limited amount of tasks I do, a tablet is all I need.

They are great for consuming information and not as much for creating it. It may not replace a traditional laptop if that is what you need, but I would truly say that as of today, it has replaced it for me.

Good luck getting a touchpad and having a port of android onto it in your near future. I however might just leave it as is and see how far I get.

Providing I get one shipped to me of course.


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